Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bonita is A sexy LATINO

Steeles Royale has over 50 sensual massage ladies available in Bramalea.

Bonita is a great massage attendant. She is 21 and is Spanish/Canidian with Strawberry Blonde hair.

Bonita is our little spicy chili pepper that is overflowing with positive energy. This salsa loving sweetie will seduce you in seconds with her full pouty lips and deep cinnamon coloured eyes. Cuddle up and rub her lower back, and this cutie will be putty in your hands.

Erotic Massage Toronto

Bonita is very interested in Erotic Massage Toronto

Legends Massage

Bonita is very interested in Legends Massage

Hope to see you at the Steeles Royale massage center soon

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